Advisory Board Announcement

Stonechair Capital today announces the significant addition of its advisory board members. Brought together by the common belief that the #EnergyAfrica Fund is an important funding vehicle for diverse energy opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa. The board members representing the diversity of #EnergyAfrica in many jurisdictions are comprised of Monica Rovers, Rolake Akinkugbe, Dr. Tom Buringuriza.

Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani Former Head of Energy and Natural Resources at FBNQuest Merchant Bank; Former member of the private sector Economic Advisory Board in the Office of the Vice-President of Nigeria; Founder of the InaTidé renewables and low-carbon energy platform for entrepreneurs and investors based in Lagos, Nigeria

Dr. Tom Buringuriza Former Executive Director of the Uganda Investment Authority; Former HR & HSE manager at A.P. Moller in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi; Currently on the board of Citibank Uganda, and a member of the technical working Group on Oil and Gas of the Presidential Investors’ Round Table in Uganda; Country Manager for the Armour Energy Oil Exploration business in Uganda.; Based in Kampala, Uganda

Monica Rovers Former Global Head of Energy at the Toronto Stock Exchange; Former BD Manager Energy & International at Calgary Economic Development; Currently CEO of Global Connect Corp; Based in Calgary, Canada

“These team additions add a greater depth and profundity to the #EnergyAfrica fund. As we encounter the unique choices that Africa brings our portfolio their knowledgeable, tangible experiences across government, finance, and private business is a depth that our firm values. Stonechair Capital is honoured to share our growth with these individuals”, says Christopher McLean founder of the firm.