Partnerships Accelerate Energy in Africa

The last year has proven to be an interesting one for us all. The ricochet from paranoia to anticipation to complacent agreement has been nothing more than life-altering. For many of us, in more ways than one. For Stonechair, our year has experienced growth in so many essential manners. An important addition to our process […]

Africa Investment Forum 2019

The engagement had this year at the AIF was equally outstanding as last year. The energy in the room was palpable. The focus was lasered in even more than previously for the transaction. Here is a link to the closing ceremony With the participation of Governments, DFI’s, global financial institutions, project sponsors and developers […]

Energy Data and the Mega Fund

This week there are two podcasts that make for very interesting listening. The first is a Columbia Energy Exchange discussion of the BP Energy Review 2019. There are many challenging thoughts in this chat. The review itself can be found here. Take this information into account with the following podcast from PrivCap and it becomes increasingly evident that risk reduction is […]