Stonechair Capital

Energy in many forms...

Upstream Exploration and Development

We build portfolios of upstream assets for exploration with companies that seek hydrocarbon based assets in Africa. The demand for energy has not decreased and the demand for hydrocarbon usage will only increase on the continent. Responsible exploration by companies that see the potential for energy growth within this clean energy paradigm are candidates for investment. The hydrocarbon energy cycle is a fickle process. Investing in this highly demand driven sector takes patience and a look past the ebbs and flows of today's headlines. Stonechair is a stalwart partner for the entire energy hydrocarbon energy cycle.

Gas to Power

Throughout Africa the requirement for reliable base-load energy has reached epic proportions. The holistic view of energy cannot ignore the cleaner use of Gas for Power solutions available in many jurisdictions. Stonechair and its team members have seen this evolution for decades now and team members have experience with many projects over the years. Now more than ever the infrastructure created across Africa requires a mixture of Gas and other cleaner energy mixes to fuel its growth forward.

Solar Power

Solar Power is making a leap forward jump on the continent. The running room for this method of energy creation is long. Advances are being made daily in Africa that will have ripple effects with other forms of energy production. Including solar as part of the Stonechair portfolio is important for Africa.

Off Grid and Energy Technology

Advances in the technology of energy will mean that the systems of usage, billing, recycling, and storage will not be the same as they are elsewhere. This opportunity is being embraced throughout Africa currently. The innovations experienced by Stonechair continue to inspire. We look to continue our expansion of thought in these areas. Investment is required to continue this expansion of ideas. Shying away from tnew things does not create innovation that will affect the world. Africa can lead the way.