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"light it up"

February 2019

Required for everthing

There are so many discussions that happen around the topic of energy in Africa. They vary from who is doing the exploration or creation of it to who is using it and how are they paying for it. Encased in all these issues are white rabbits that lead nowhere but use lots of "human resources." They are items of discussion that ignore the very basis of the topic. The lack of energy, in all its forms, across the continent of Africa.
Whether hydrocarbon-based, wind-based, sun-based, geothermal based, energy is a massive consumer demand in Africa. This demand only continues to grow as the population of the continent continues its massive expansion. Over a billion more people by 2050 according to the UN. All the elements required to support this kind of growth from agriculture, employment, healthcare, infrastructure will need one essential item for them all to succeed. Energy.
This goes beyond a lightbulb in rural Africa. This is for transportation fuel. This is for baseload power generation. This is for cleaner emissions. This is for upstream exploration. This is for downstream processing. This is for an evolving energy tariff that is not the same as it was. This is for the continent of Africa that has energy needs that are not being met currently. It's population, industry, GDP, and world view are growing exponentially with consumers that are moving onwards into a new reality that involves evolving technology, globalization, and a greater awareness of the opportunity that awaits.