The Firm

Founded in 2009, Stonechair Capital is a Private Equity/Venture Capital firm that is an energy investor at its core. The essence of the firm was birthed from it founder's experiences in the energy space throughout Africa. The use of energy has evolved throughout Africa and so have Stonechair's investments over time. The growing energy deficit in all its forms is recognized by Stonechair as an investment need that cannot be overlooked. Projects of all sizes require attention and capital across Africa.

Stonechair Capital partners alongside companies working with African energy assets. Through this partnership we strive to de-risk assets and management for future investors. 

By improving the access to growth capital a Stonechair portfolio company is able to reach for its goal as a valuable African energy company. Our investments strengthen energy sub-sectors and use local networks to generate significant income for local businesses while providing tangible returns on capital deployed. Therein is the multiplier effect that we strive for in every investment.