Adding our Energy to Africa

We know energy in all its forms.

Energy is Africa

Energy is Africa

The energy profile of Africa is dynamic. Stability and transformation exist side-by-side more than ever and we engage in the growth of each. The opportunity is limitless.

The transition Africa is experiencing is supported by investments and leveraging our knowledge from Canada. This bastion of energy and technology that interacts with SME’s in Africa is growing the continent’s influence worldwide. Supported by operational partners and international capital partners, Stonechair provides transparent, logical platforms for the growth that energy in Africa provides.


Our involvement strengthens energy sub-sectors and uses local networks to generate significant income for local businesses while providing tangible returns on capital deployed. Therein is the multiplier effect that we strive for in every investment. By improving the access to growth capital paired with our in-depth operational knowledge a Stonechair portfolio company is able to reach for its goal as a valuable African energy company.



#EnergyAfrica is Coming

There is a growing force unleashing on the continent more than capital. Stonechair brings partnerships releasing energy into Africa.


Limitless Options for Africa Today.

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