The #EnergyAfrica Fund (#EAF), managed by Stonechair Capital, is dedicated to investing in energy projects in Africa. There is a demand to modernize energy and infrastructure for the billions of people on the most diverse continent. We provide access to capital for developers and access to projects for institutions via the #EAF.

Interested LP’s find opportunity with #EnergyAfrica

Doing Business in Africa

Africa is the most economically diverse continent in the world. Many of the nations which make up Africa are developing economies, with some of the highest GDP growth experienced globally today. Acceleration like this produces enormous needs for technology and sustainable energy projects. Energy affects agriculture, stable medical delivery, reliable logistics, efficient technology growth.

Developing economies make Africa attractive; its vastness, various laws, and culture make it challenging for inexperienced investors. Stonechair Capital and its portfolio partners have overcome these hurdles and provide entrepreneurs and LP’s a solid base of experience that delivers scalable energy projects across Africa.

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