Energy is undergoing such a transmogrification right now. From its modern-day genesis started over 100 years ago as the hydrocarbon wonder drug to the evolution of energy as a self-replicating experiment little has stood still. Investing in energy for 20 years has been a journey that has seen commodity cycles, Moores Law advances, excess and shortage, supply and demand. A definition of energy itself has morphed over the decades. More people need energy today than have ever required it before. The ongoing African expansion underway is lost on the willfully blind. Capital and energy have a symbiotic relationship that is acknowledged in hindsight. Looking back at the railroads and the automobile I am left wondering what will be the creation that alters the landscape next. Regardless of the cause or the result, energy supports every piece of the industrial and personal value chains. Energy creation is dynamic and responsive to the needs of both the people and the capital. The projects we see now were unthinkable a decade ago. It is crazy exciting being amid the change that is Africa today.