Energy Data and the Mega Fund

This week there are two podcasts that make for very interesting listening. The first is a Columbia Energy Exchange discussion of the BP Energy Review 2019. There are many challenging thoughts in this chat. The review itself can be found here
Take this information into account with the following podcast from PrivCap and it becomes increasingly evident that risk reduction is even more about perception than actual risk. The rise of the mega fund offset with the current issues in energy investing today do not match up. There are pools of capital able to finance the growth required in efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector. It just is not for the sake of looking at past returns and objectives rather than forward looking needs. Not trying to get on a soapbox just acknowledging the massive investment requirement that is often overlooked by media, politician, and citizen’s alike. Africa is not exempt from the need nor should it be criticized by OECD countries when growing at the rate it is. Investment in energy needs to manage the trifecta of needs, returns, and responsibilities. The informational analysis expressed in these two podcasts captures the diverse mindset that the investment community still faces itself today.