Africa’s Energy Opportunity

Africa’s small business entrepreneur network is still in its infancy when compared to the global north. This development provides a small window of opportunity for businesses to enter the African marketplace developing projects under significant industry players’ size and scope and larger financial institutions.

The revenue opportunities for businesses span the entire energy value chain from the resources, the production, the transmissions, the use, the billing, and the diaspora support of the energy in households. All are vast in scope.


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    #EnergyAfrica solution

    The #EAF is investing in energy projects that are filling the massive energy demand in Africa today. We do this by targeting projects and companies below the investment thresholds held by institutional capital sources. All the while, we include ESG reporting along the way at every step of the investment process.

    Our partnership with CPCS brings further industry expertise and experience, thereby accelerating these projects through successful completion. However, our solution is more than energy creation and its financial return. An additional and no less important objective is to use global best practices towards developing energy in Africa. Our involvement with companies ensures that local Africans manage and service the ongoing energy asset, creating another legacy of jobs that last for generations.