Investment Strategy

The #EAF find targets an annual average capital appreciation above domestic rates found in the global north. The portfolio will consist of high-quality energy assets primarily through equity investments with leading developers and quality small and medium enterprises across sub-Saharan Africa.

Stonechair will achieve diversification by investing across numerous regions and countries with different energy characteristics. Exposure to various energy sources is a substantial risk reduction when meeting the annual appreciation target.


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    LP Co-Investment

    The #EAF objective is to achieve stable long-term growth of capital by equity investing in a portfolio of energy assets and energy developers that have ticket sizes below institutional investment thresholds.

    #EAF Investments grow over time and offer the potential for impactful returns to our fund, our co-investors—most of all, and the lives of those improved with access to energy. As today’s asset managers seek sustainable investments, Africa provides a wealth of return beyond just financial.

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